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10 Minute De-Stress Yoga Flow

Looking to de-stress after a long day at work? This ten minute yoga flow will settle your nervous system and...
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6 Yoga Poses for a Bad Mood When Nothing Else Is Helping You Shake It Off

Getting into a nasty temper sucks, and what's actually annoying is when people make attempts to cheer you up and...
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The Best Yoga Retreats in the U.S. Will Help You Unplug & Unwind on Your Next Vacation

In 2017, I went on my very first yoga retreat in California, and it was utterly magical, to say the...
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Asana Lab: Ārdha Chandrasana (half-Moon Pose)

Ardha Chandrāsana is a splendidly uplifting āsana that basically opens the guts area and offers a sense of lightness and...
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6 Yoga Poses for Bad Dreams That’ll Help You Fall Back Asleep in No Time

I really feel like nightmares aren't talked about practically enough, however, boy are these bad boys terrible. It can really...
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Can Yoga Make You Stronger? Here’s How Both Your Mind & Body Can Benefit

When you consider yoga, your thoughts may automatically associate the mere act of rolling out a sticky mat with the...
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Money & Debt: Tackling Taboos Through a Yoga Lens

Something happened last month: I put my credit card over the limit. To be honest, I’m often hovering just below...
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Money as a Yoga Practice: Choosing Contentment & Practicing Restraint

June was the first month of my journey towards financial health. After sinking into $15,000 of debt and maxing out...
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Post-Yoga Foods That Are Essential to Recovery

You've just completed your yoga exercise. You really feel relaxed, at peace, robust, and…hungry! Completing a yoga exercise can leave...
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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Yogis

While many folks will make a New Year’s resolution to start up with yoga or meditation, others who already practice yoga might...
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10 Daily Ayurvedic Practices to Find Optimal Health

I presume as you’re studying our yoga website, you already know a good bit about yoga, however, how much are...
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How Does Meditation Benefit Your Mental Health?

Meditation is just not an exercise or an activity, it's a psychological practice that helps us work with the nature...
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