Health Benefits of Yoga

The Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga are numerous. The most important health benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. Hence yoga is considered therapeutic or beneficial. Yoga essentially is a way of life, which is an integrated means of harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga is a system of exercises that has been around for thousands of years. It is all about a series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. By practicing all these you can have excellent benefits of yoga. Its aim is ultimate physical health and happiness, along with mental peace and calmness.

Health Benefits of Yoga - Physiological Benefits of Yoga

The health benefits of yoga with a regular practice of yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation is grouped into three kinds: physiological, psychological, and biochemical effects. Here are some physiological benefits of yoga that can get through a regular yoga practice:

  • Steady autonomic nervous system symmetry
  • It decreases the pain, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, EMG activity.
  • There is an increase in cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, joint range of motion, breath-holding time, EEG - alpha waves, grip strength, galvanic skin response, resiliency and strength, endurance, energy levels, and immunity
  • It normalizes the body weight, flexibility of musculoskeletal system, also the functions of excretory, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems.
  • It also improves eye-hand coordination, dexterity abilities, reaction time, body posture, sleep, steadiness, balance of the body and mind, integrated functioning of body parts and depth perception.

Yoga and its achievements originated in India thousands of years ago and are presently practiced across the world despite of the age or religion. Previously, the yoga poses and the special stages of yoga were only handed down to some deserving learners and therefore, yoga was kept relatively to India and not popularized elsewhere in the world.

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy and the yoga institute was founded in mumbai only in 1918, which was then made, benefits of yoga practices, available for everyone.


Yoga is entirely based on the principles that our physical body is supposed to move and exercise. The proper exercise will be obtained by practicing specific yoga postures or poses, which is also known as "asana".

The yoga routine provides you all the benefits of yoga practices. The yoga poses stretches and tones all parts of our body, including the muscles and ligaments and it also improves the blood circulation.

The asanas, specially, are designed to regulate the physical and physiological functions of the body and thus they help restore the different body parts. In addition to this, yoga consists of different stretching postures, which are excellent in improving different parts of the body and in gaining and maintaining flexibility.

Regular yoga sessions or yoga routines will provide excellent benefits to the body parts. The benefits of yoga include body relaxation, refreshing different parts of your body and giving you new strength, energy and increased flexibility.

Yoga is well thought-out to be a relaxing and therapeutic means of refreshing the body. At a deeper level, its aim is for the unification of the mind, body and spirit. It also helps you to tune with your body, to be more self aware of your posture, position and movement.

In fact, by getting aware of the benefits of yoga, people now practice yoga as it helps relax and handle stressful situations more easily. It promotes interdependence between mind, body, and spirit. It also helps to maintain a balanced metabolism and promotes cardio and circulatory health that makes you look and feel younger than your age.

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