The Art of Focusing: How to Practice Object Meditation 2

The Art of Focusing: How to Practice Object Meditation

Meditation is sticking to at least one thought. That single thought retains away different ideas; distraction of thoughts is an indication of its weak point; by fixed meditation it beneficial properties power. –Ramana Maharshi

Finding the vacancy of meditation might be troublesome. Often, ideas rush in, distracting us from the “one thought” of meditation.
But with observe, we will practice the thoughts to remain current and centered. In yoga, we name this stage of meditation—or meditation preparation—dharana.
Dharana is focus or single focus of the thoughts on one specific factor. Once the thoughts can keep centered on a single object (breath, mantra, or object),) it turns into simpler for it to launch into a spot of vacancy.
Using a tree to observe dharana

When I used to be an artwork scholar in Israel, I lived in a small residence that had a balcony dealing with a big tree. Sometimes, I'd discover myself sitting and gazing this tree blankly, simply wanting with no particular intention.
This tree began to develop into extra vivid, extra three-dimensional than life itself. As lengthy as there was no exercise in my thoughts, there was no description, no choice, and no alternative.
When you observe object meditation you would possibly expertise one thing similar to this otherwise you would possibly expertise one thing fully completely different. At the top of the day, it’s your expertise whenever you observe that issues. The secret's to observe with out making an attempt too exhausting, let your thoughts let go of the distracting ideas.
How to observe object meditation

Step by step:
Start by sitting comfortably with a tall backbone and relaxed physique.
Keep your consciousness and a spotlight on an exterior object, such because the flame of a candle set three to 4 toes away from you, a flower, or a tree as I described earlier than.
When you gaze on the object, discover a stability between specializing in the thing, and discovering softness with the gaze so that you're not seeing any particular element. Do not use phrases to label what you're seeing as you gaze on the object.
As you gaze on the object, merely see it for what it's with out letting your thoughts interpret it. Do not go inward and drift into ideas or tales in regards to the object. Do not herald tales out of your previous or create fantasies in regards to the future.
Object meditation is a very useful instrument for facilitating the flexibility to be in meditative state whereas functioning within the “real world” as a result of you study to maintain your thoughts calm and centered on on a regular basis objects.
It shouldn't be straightforward at first. Sometimes I name this observe “the art of non-labeling.” The thoughts is nicely skilled to see one thing and instantly affiliate it with a phrase. If labeling or tales start to fill the thoughts, bear in mind to not be exhausting on your self however return to solely seeing with out deciphering.
Guided object meditation
Below is an instance of guided object meditation with one in all my college students, Julia. I knew she beloved animals, so I invited her to deliver a picture of an animal into her thoughts. She selected a horse.
Sit comfortably and shut your eyes. Breathe. Breathe just a little deeper. Now select your favourite animal, one that you just actually can really feel love towards.
Breathe deeply because the picture seems and turns into clearer. Starting with the top, discover each element of the animal. See the eyes, the fur, and the ears. Keep going and actually get to know this animal. See each little bit of the animal.
Once the picture is obvious—as soon as you may really feel as whether it is proper there in entrance of you—hold the picture inside the thoughts, possibly between the eyebrows across the third eye.
Sit in silence for some time and permit time for the picture to deepen. Really enable the picture to fill the thoughts’s total capability for focus, dropping into the picture so that every one that that exists is the animal.
When Julia’s thoughts drifted away, she returned to horse. She started to see it extra clearly, and a way of affection and pleasure appeared.
Practice makes excellent
With observe we study to faucet into this deeper expertise of focus and contentment. Over time, associating the picture with a superb feeling, each calmness and leisure begin to develop into extra automated.
We can use the picture to return extra simply to this state of calm and focus. We study that by bringing a picture to our thoughts, we will expertise centeredness, focus, love, and ease, as a result of these experiences have develop into connected.
The extra we observe, the extra shortly and simply our thoughts will obey. Eventually, every time a distraction occurs in life, we can shut our eyes and consider an picture with none interruptions.
This is not going to occur in a single day. Training the thoughts is like coaching the physique. It takes time, endurance and constant observe. Do not get discouraged when you can’t assist however describe what you're seeing at first. Concentration improves steadily.
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