Yoga, Meditation Could Scale Back Alzheimer’s Threat: Study

Yoga and meditation enhance not solely reminiscence, but in addition assist with temper, nervousness and coping expertise amongst these liable to growing Alzheimer’s illness and dementia. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Yoga and meditation observe could assist minimise the cognitive and emotional issues that always precede Alzheimer’s illness, in accordance with a brand new examine. Researchers discovered […]

Meditation, Yoga Can Sharpen Your Thoughts

The findings defined the neurophysiological hyperlink between respiration and a focus.  Confirming what yogis have claimed for lengthy, new analysis has discovered that meditation and breath-focused practices, reminiscent of pranayama, can work like fertiliser for the mind, strengthening our skill to deal with duties. “Our research finds that there is evidence to support the view […]

Meditation Tips

This week in wellness information, meditation has been proven to be an efficient technique to wind down and get to sleep—one thing that’s particularly helpful after a harried day of labor. Mindfulness methods have been proven to enhance sleep high quality, fatigue and insomnia in individuals who have bother sleeping—presumably by serving to them chill out […]

Yogic Meditation – Beyond Mindfulness

It’s a humorous factor, however today each time “meditation” is talked about, folks consider “mindfulness”. It’s a kind of amazingly profitable names. It’s each a top quality – the standard of being conscious or paying shut consideration – and in addition a form of magnificent “brand name”. The notion of “being mindful” is nearly a […]

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is mindfulness meditation? There are a lot of completely different sorts of meditation; some with a mantra, a visualization, or sound. Some meditations assist us calm down, some are for exploring altered states of consciousness. Mindfulness meditation can embrace all the things, for it’s is about moment-to-moment consciousness of what’s. It’s not meant to […]