Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques That Every Yoga Teacher Should Be Teaching

As a yoga instructor, you understand that meditation strategies are a strong option to de-stress, connect with your self, acquire a clear perspective, and to pause. For most practices, it’s necessary to remind your self and your students to sit down down in a comfortable position, with a pillow or block, and let the thoughts escape. Meditation strategies are limitless, so it may be just a little difficult to narrow it down to a couple meditation strategies that work to your students. Below, are the best 10 meditation strategies which you could educate your students, to allow them to better harness day by day thoughts.

Breath Meditation

Tell your yoga students to give attention to their respiration. Let them discover the world around them. Have your students discover the length of their inhales and exhales, the place they really feel their breath essentially the most, what elements of the body transfer as they breathe, the temperature of the air because it goes out and in of the nostril. Tell them that each time the thoughts will get considering and depart the room they’re in, they will come again to the breath, gently, with out judging themselves for it.

Body Scan Meditation

A body scan meditation consists of bringing the main focus to every a part of the body. You can practice this type of meditation by lying on the back, in mattress, and not using a pillow below the head. Encourage your students to do that one on their very own earlier than a nap or on the end of the day earlier than they go to sleep. Inform your yoga students that they will practice body scan meditation before Savasana, and after class, point out that it’s a method they will use on days when a silent Savasana is just too difficult.

Guided Morning Meditation

Even when a few of your students have a every day meditation practice, they may share with you that some days, it’s not working, or they don’t really feel motivated to sit down down in silence. To assist with this pure circulate, invite them to discover with apps like Insight Timer. This is ideal for college kids who're keen to create a behavior of meditation: suggest them to begin with guided meditations within the morning in order that they don’t really feel on their very own.


If college students share with you that they're tense due to a particular occasion developing, or nervous about one thing particular, encourage them to sit down down, take deep breaths, and visualize how they need the occasion or scenario to occur. During the visualization, they will ask themselves how they need to really feel, what they need to be taught, what their intention for the occasion is, and so forth.To really feel extra grounded - have your college students visualize a spot the place they really feel at residence, have them image themselves strolling there, taking within the colours, sounds, smells, and temperature.

Chakra Meditation

There are some ways to discover chakra meditation, however one smart way to take action is thru completely different meditation apps comparable to Insight Timer. When a scholar begins chakra meditation, attempt also can decide music that can assist heal and steadiness every chakra by the frequency of the sounds, like this Sacral Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl recording.

Mantra Meditation

Have your college students use a mantra they connect with, possibly a mantra that they heard throughout a yoga retreat, workshop, or yoga instructor coaching. You may recommend to them to make use of a mantra or an invocation to a god or goddess, comparable to Shiva (Om Namah Shivaya) or Ganesha (Om Ganapataya Namah). Invite your college students to be taught the chants and practice singing, both earlier than/after their silent meditation.Kundalini MeditationKundalini yoga is all about shifting the vitality inside you, often called Shakti’s vitality. Kundalini requires using mantras, singing, and chanting. The materials used will be something that can assist college students to suppose and keep current throughout meditation. They can select poems they love, e-book paragraphs that talk to them, and even track lyrics.Kundalini track suggestions:‘ong namo guru dev namo’‘Sa ta na ma’‘Mul mantra’Kundalini e-book suggestions: Boundaries & Protection by Pixie LighthorsePrayers of Honoring Voice by Pixie LighthorseThe Radiance Sutras by Lorin RocheElena Brower’s Art of Attention card deck

Mindful Journaling

Rather than pushing internal ideas apart, invite your college students to know them. Have them use their meditation practice to journal, and write down their internal ideas. Over time, it is a practice that may improve their psychological well being and wellbeing.MindfulnessMindfulness refers back to the concept of taking in what’s occurring round us and inside us; somewhat than focusing consideration on one particular object, just like the breath, it supposes welcoming ideas, noises and sounds, smells, sensations with out judgment.This is a practice your college students can do wherever, anytime, not even essentially sitting down in meditation, however whereas brushing their tooth or driving. It’s enjoyable to practice this with youthful ones, so encourage mother and father to share the practice with their kids throughout highway journeys or in line on the grocery store.

Invite your yoga students to take observe and benefit from training these excellent meditation strategies; the way in which they may discover one method that works for them, will probably be by experimenting. Instill curiosity in them throughout class, and encourage them to not let their practice finish once they depart the studio.

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