Asana Lab: Ārdha Chandrasana (half-Moon Pose)

Ardha Chandrāsana is a splendidly uplifting āsana that basically opens the guts area and offers a sense of lightness and freedom. With repeated follow (abhyāsa) we will discover a place the place the pose turns into regular and comfy (sthira sukham āsanam). From Tāḍāsana (Mountain Pose), soar or step your toes 3 – Three ½ […]

Asana Information: Inside Axis’ Vṛkṣāsana

Vṛkṣāsana is a logo of progress and energy, simply because the tree for which this pose is called is rooted and grounded, cultivating persistence, stability and flexibility. An glorious type of standing meditation, concentrate on the breath and the thoughts will naturally sharpen and develop nonetheless. Building each energy and adaptability,  vṛkṣāsana opens the hips, groins and inside […]

Asana Data: Warrior One

At the second I’m actually having fun with the pose we name warrior one in my follow. This asymmetrical standing pose feels superbly grounding and on the identical time there’s a lot enlargement attainable in addition to an invite right into a backbend. Even although Scaravelli-inspired yoga isn’t a way, we are likely to method […]

Meditation Tips

This week in wellness information, meditation has been proven to be an efficient technique to wind down and get to sleep—one thing that’s particularly helpful after a harried day of labor. Mindfulness methods have been proven to enhance sleep high quality, fatigue and insomnia in individuals who have bother sleeping—presumably by serving to them chill out […]

Yogic Meditation – Beyond Mindfulness

It’s a humorous factor, however today each time “meditation” is talked about, folks consider “mindfulness”. It’s a kind of amazingly profitable names. It’s each a top quality – the standard of being conscious or paying shut consideration – and in addition a form of magnificent “brand name”. The notion of “being mindful” is nearly a […]