Types of Yoga Meditation Techniques

Top 11 Types of Yoga Meditation Techniques

Let me inform you one thing: I really like yoga meditation methods. Being a yoga practitioner and meditation instructor it’s kinda apparent I’d love all of the kinds of meditation in yoga. Especially provided that I wrote basically the web’s greatest information to meditation methods. The thing is that everybody can get one thing out of those yoga meditation methods.

I’ve taught everybody from five-year-old children to the aged all of the various kinds of meditation in yoga. They all obtained one thing out of it. And you'll too. Here’s the funny thing: Everyone is aware of in regards to the 28 kinds of yoga which are physical. Everyone even is aware of about beer yoga and crap like that. Yet almost no one is aware of about yoga meditation methods like pratyahara—I mean besides yoga lecturers and we yogis who're actually obsessed with (which most likely embrace you, proper?).
So, with this post, I’m going to make folks extra aware of yoga meditation methods. Right now let’s simply spread the word about yoga meditation methods.

The Top 11 Yoga Meditation Techniques

Try all these yoga meditation methods and discover the one(s) that work greatest for you.
Just a heads-up: I’m gonna begin with a primary technique after which share some more serious yoga meditation methods.

1. Do meditation whereas doing yoga
There are all various kinds of meditation in yoga, like mantras, mudras, kundalini meditation, Nada yoga… however in case, you’re new to meditation and you like yoga, one of the best ways to start out meditating is to simply be conscious when you’re doing yoga.
This will not be a correct yoga meditation approach. I’m not impressing Patanjali right here, in no way. But if you wish to get began with yoga meditation methods, meditate in your asanas.
If you understand about Iyengar and different slower types of yoga, you’ll know that you simply’ve obtained loads of time to meditate in yoga poses. Do it. Nike that shiz.

2. Nada Yoga Meditation Technique
All proper, time for the primary conventional yoga meditation approach on this checklist: Nada yoga. I really like this technique.
Nada yoga is sound meditation.
Here’s the lengthy and in need of it:
This approach kicks off with you meditating on exterior sounds (I like meditating on bowl sounds).
You meditate on the sound gently and chill out.
Meditate on the sense of sound and shut out all else. This will calm your thoughts and make you're feeling such as you’re currently in some magical cosmic bubble type-thing.
Once you're feeling completely Zen, tune in to your inside sounds—the sound your body is making. Keep meditating on this sound.
Keep going till you hear the last word sound that's “Para Nada”, the common sound manifesting in “Om”.
And talking of Om, right here’s our subsequent sort of yoga meditation approach…

3. Mantra Meditation In Yoga
I’m fairly positive I’ve written one of the best information to mantra meditation the web has to supply (no actually, learn it, it would blow your thoughts, until you might have very un-blowable thoughts).
Mantras are throughout faith and spirituality. And they’re in yoga too. In truth, some individuals assume mantras began in yoga.
Mantras are one other type of sound meditation.  You meditate on vocal sacred sounds, akin to“Om”.
This is an enormous type of yoga meditation in Kundalini yoga, so in case you’re all about awakening that kundalini power, you’d higher begin meditating on mantras.

4. Chakra Yoga Meditation Techniques
Chakras are the power centres in your body by way of which prana (life power) flows. Thing is, your chakras can get blocked, and this causes all method of nasty issues to occur (really, chakra blockages could make you significantly unwell).
Thank Patanjali we will meditate on the chakras as a way to open them and get prana flowing as soon as once more.
There meditations for every chakra and you are able to do Chakra Dhyana to open all chakras concurrently, which is able to impress the pants off your yoga instructor.

5. Third Eye Meditation
If you thought, “Third Eye Meditation is just another chakra meditation” then give your self a cookie since you’re proper.
Thing is, Third Eye Meditation is so necessary that it calls for its personal place on this checklist of yoga meditation methods. Sadhguru would throw me beneath a bus if I didn’t give this system its personal place on this checklist.
Third eye meditation is a method to activate your Ajna Chakra (third eye). Which is superior as a result of when your third eye is open you achieve entry to your perception.
Here’s how you can do Third Eye Meditation.

6. Trataka Meditation (Gazing Meditation)
This yoga meditation approach is all about fixing your gaze on one object. It’s mentioned nonetheless gaze equals a nonetheless thoughts. So, if you would like interior stillness, that is one of the best sort of yoga meditation approach for you.
Let’s attempt it now, we could?
Here’s how you can do Trataka:
Place a lit candle on a desk or shrine a couple of metres or so in entrance of you (sit shut however, you understand, don’t burn your face off on the candle)
Fix your gaze on the candle
Meditate on the flame of the candle. Quieten your thoughts.
Hold your gaze nonetheless and proceed to meditate on the flame. Take 25 breaths
Now shut your eyes. You will see the candle in your thoughts' eye.
Meditate on the psychological picture of the candle for an additional 25 breaths.

6. Bhakti Yoga Meditation Technique
Bhakti yoga meditation is, without doubt, one of the extra non-secular kinds of meditation in yoga. This one is all about displaying devotion to your deity. It’s a complicated meditation approach that isn't ultimate for newbies.
The thought with Bhakti meditation is to meditate in your deity after which to ask the deity to be with you and to encourage you.
If you’re a non-secular individual, you’ll most likely discover this to be your greatest sort of meditation in yoga.
Here’s how you can do Bhakti meditation.

7. Dhyana Yoga Meditation Technique
Dhyana is the earliest type of yoga meditation approach and was first talked about in Upanishads. In truth, the passage in Upanishads when Arjuna talks to Lord Krishna about Dhyana is mainly the basis of most of yoga’s philosophy.
So clearly it is a massively non-secular meditation approach. Powerful, too.
Dhyana is all about creating deeper oneness by breaking down the hole between consciousness and actuality. Deep stuff, proper? That’s why I wrote a piece of entire information to Dhyana meditation for you.

8. Kundalini Meditation
Oh boy. Kundalini meditation. Everyone likes tossing-out the phrase “Kundalini” prefer it have been this 12 months’s must-have style merchandise. So, what's kundalini meditation?
Actually, there are a number of various kinds of kundalini meditation all of that are about awakening your kundalini power to attain enlightenment. Most of those methods make use of mantras because of the meditation object.
Thing is, regardless that everybody tosses kundalini meditation prefer it have been a bag of fries, it’s really a giant deal. There are a number of dangers of doing kundalini meditations. That’s why ought to be taught it correctly (not from Wiki-How, individuals, come on).

9. Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques
Kriya yoga is a set of meditation exercising taught by Indian yogi guru by Paramahamsa Yogananda. This stuff is deep. Real deep. Probably too deep on your common yoga-pants fanatic. But in case you’re cool sufficient to be a correct non-secular yogi, then you definately’ll find it irresistible.
I’d inform you how you can do it myself, however, I’ll allow you to learn this superior information on Yogananda.

10. Tantra meditations:
I do know: your mother instructed you that Tantra is that this sexual cult factor that Sting was concerned with. Well, your mother solely obtained a tiny little bit of the story. Because whereas Tantra does contain some sexual methods, it’s manner deeper than that.
Actually, Tantra is about as deep as Marianas Trench—that’s deep, actual deep. It entails all types of meditations and contemplations. There are 108 meditations within the textual content Vijnanabhairava Tantra by itself.

11. Pratyahara
Pratyahara will not be really a yoga meditation approach. It’s a yogic thought coaching system that entails closing off exterior stimuli to guard your thoughts.
Thing is, in case you mix this with meditation you’ll have mainly the healthiest thoughts ever. That’s why I wrote this in-depth information to Pratyahara yoga.

And these are greatest kinds of meditation in yoga
Which of those yoga meditation methods is your favourite?