The Five Kleshas: Causes of Suffering According to Yoga 3

The Five Kleshas: Causes of Suffering According to Yoga

Understood in each Buddhism and Hinduism as obstacles on the trail to enlightenment or Samadhi, the kleshas are regarded as ‘afflictions’ or damaging psychological states. Directly translated from Sanskrit as ‘poison’, they’re the assorted ‘toxins’ or poisons that trigger struggling by means of life. Overcoming the kleshas is assumed to result in the top of […]

yoga for men

Yoga for Men – The Ultimate Prop Guide

Although still predominantly practiced (and taught) by females, as the practice of yoga continues to develop so does the providing for men who wish to practice, from tailor-made courses to particular merchandise that help the male physique. More males are educating and undergoing instructor training and we wish to help and encourage this as a […]

The Benefits of Adjustments 8

The Benefits of Adjustments

The Benefits of Adjustments Posted On September 04, 2017 Tweet If you’ve been working towards yoga for some time, you might be undoubtedly acquainted with the changes which can be a daily side of most courses. Instructors will usually help their college students to assist them deepen their stretch and get essentially the most from […]

Destiny Through Karma 9

Destiny Through Karma

Buddhism explains destiny through the concept of karma. Karma originally meant action. Later it came to be understood as the destiny one had created through these actions. Every thought, word and deed is a cause which creates an effect. On a simple level, if we go to work, we will get paid, if we exercise, […]