5 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Yoga

When individuals take into consideration yoga, for some cause they will solely envision contorting themselves right into a pretzel with no manner of getting out. This couldn’t be any farther from the reality. That isn't what yoga is about in any respect; it's so way more.
It’s about energy.
It’s about breath.
It’s about being conscious.
It’s about connecting your thoughts and physique.
And that’s only the start.
Whether you’ve simply began practising yoga or are a self-proclaimed yogi, there are various superb issues you will have by no means identified about yoga...till now. Being conscious of them can assist deliver your yoga follow to the following stage.
Did you already know?...
Yoga Makes You More Productive. Let’s face it. The majority of us have a to-do listing that goes on endlessly. It looks as if regardless of how laborious we strive we will by no means accomplish all of it. When you follow yoga you be taught to turn into extra conscious. This means that you can focus and study every activity so you'll be able to truly full it and transfer on to the following. By practising yoga, that “to-do” listing turns into extra life like.
Yoga Improves Digestion. While many individuals know that yoga can enhance energy and suppleness, many have no idea it could possibly additionally enhance digestion and assist many abdomen points. There are a number of yoga postures aimed toward massaging the inner organs. This helps to maintain meals transferring in the suitable route particularly since many yoga instructors could have us twisting proper then left to observe the identical path the digestive system takes. Practicing yoga usually additionally reduces stress on the physique which might result in abdomen points. Some researchers assume yoga can assist individuals who undergo from irritable bowel syndrome and comparable illnesses.
Yoga Can Help Fight Food Cravings & Overeating. Sometimes you're feeling as if you simply have to have that chocolate bar or bag of chips. When you follow yoga, over time you’ll discover these intense cravings begin to fade. How? Yoga teaches you to be conscious of your breath. When you're extra conscious of your breath you start to strengthen your mind-body connection. As this begins to occur you turn into much less prone to confuse habits with starvation and fill your physique with junk. Those meals cravings start to vanish as your thoughts and physique turn into one.

Yoga is About More Than Flexibility. Many individuals consider the misperception that it's essential to be Gumby to do yoga. Wrong! Yoga is about turning into attuned to your physique and extra self-aware. When some individuals begin to follow yoga they might not even be capable of contact their toes. That’s okay. Extreme flexibility isn't a requirement for yoga. If you'll be able to calm your physique, look inside and start to really feel that mind-body connection, you're getting the true advantages of a yoga follow. The energy and suppleness that come from doing yoga repeatedly are simply bonuses to the advantages of the conscious follow.
Savasana Pose (Corpse Pose) on the End of Yoga is Extremely Important. Don’t skip out on the finish of follow as a result of everybody seems like they’re sleeping. They are literally in Savasana pose, in any other case generally known as corpse pose. Although it might appear to be the physique is doing nothing, Savasana is definitely probably the most vital poses in yoga. It permits the physique to de-stress and return to its pure state. In order to totally reap the advantages of this pose, your thoughts and physique have to be calm. For many people, this is without doubt one of the most tough issues to perform. Our minds are at all times racing to the following factor we have to do or the following place we have to be. That is why this pose is so difficult, but so very important to the complete yoga expertise. Savasana helps to solidify the yoga follow. There is not any better rejuvenation for the physique than this pose. The subsequent time you are contemplating skipping out on the previous couple of minutes of the category, consider how a lot you’d be dishonest your thoughts and physique. You owe it to your self to expertise actual Savasana.
Being conscious of those elements and advantages of yoga will deliver your follow to a brand new stage of self-awareness, one that may finally change your consciousness, life and physique.

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