Destiny Through Karma

Buddhism explains destiny through the concept of karma. Karma originally meant action. Later it came to be understood as the destiny one had created through these actions. Every thought, word and deed is a cause which creates an effect. On a simple level, if we go to work, we will get paid, if we exercise, […]

A Path Without a Goal

Inspired by Yoga Body, Budhha Mind by Cyndi Lee Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit phrase yuj which suggests to unite or to yoke.  Yoga teaches us that the whole lot is interconnected.  That we’re not separate from one another or any residing beings.  What we predict, say and do actually does matter—it impacts these […]

8 Benefits of Yoga for Men

While it’s taken the world by storm over the previous decade, yoga continues to be synonymous with ladies to many individuals. Most clothes traces, yoga manufacturers, and commercials are directed at feminine yoga practitioners, which might make it exhausting for males to really feel like they need to give it a attempt. Not to say […]

How Yoga Can Help Us Achieve Intimacy

The coronary heart of a holistic yoga observe is intimacy: with ourselves, others and all dwelling beings.  The 1st limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga (a roadmap to information us on our journey) is named the yamas, or moral ideas, that train us to have a satisfying life we have to domesticate significant relationships.  […]

Meditation in Bhutan: Awakening the Thunder Dragon

We meditate silently sitting on the traditional flooring boards, absorbing centuries of ardent constructive emotions. For half an hour I silently chant the revered Buddhist mantra, Om Mane Padme Hum, which adorns Bhutanese prayer wheels and is spun endlessly into the cosmos, providing prayers and blessings for the well-being of all residing beings.  I really […]

Bakasana: Fear, Empowerment & Spirit Animals

As one of many first arm balancing postures you’re more likely to come throughout in a contemporary yoga class, Bakasana (also called kakasana) or ‘crow pose’ is the gateway to more difficult asanas, a way of empowerment, and generally a reminder of what it feels prefer to fall flat in your face – actually. BKS […]